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Saving the Cinema

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Cinema Related
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As many of you know the two screen independent cinema I manage in Penrith faced closure on April 30th due to the Bingo, which occupied the same building, being closed down due to substantial losses. Recently the owner, Alan Towers, was contacted by Vince Hughes of Graves (Cumberland) Ltd offering a new long term lease.

This is wonderful news and is also the reason I am going to start blogging and using social media more. It was tools such as Twitter and Facebook that allowed the community to rally round and organise protests such as this one:

There was support from the BBC as well as local newspapers and Radio Stations as well as national newspapers such as the Guardian (thanks to celebraty support from Richard E Grant and Eddie Izzard.)

However in a dramatic turn of events, caused by an overwhelming response from the Penrith Community, that decision has now been re-thought. The cinema is staying open and a new tenant will be sought for the bingo side.

The Cinema Team would like to say a HUGE thank you to the campaign group who have optimistically, enthusiastically and determinedly fought to save the cinema against, what many believed to be, overwhelming odds.

The Guardian again covered the story here, along with local press. and the ever present Cumbria Crack.

Our gratitude is also heaped upon all those people who supported us by signing the petition (which got us an extension) or helped out with fundraising activities, bought some merchandise, or pledged to buy shares.

You are all wonderful.

I am sorry to say I had my doubts. This seemed like a David and Goliath fight and in the real world David takes a beating. Not so. It seems that if you get enough “David’s” together the impossible can be achieved.

I can speak for the whole team when I say we have been overwhelmed by the support from people not just from Penrith, but all over the world, and we will strive to continue providing a community and customer focused service.

We are looking forward to a great summer and are very excited about showing some great films such as Thor (3D), Pirates 4, X-Men and the Green Lantern.

Thank you all.

Darren Horne and the staff at Penriths Lonsdale Cinema.