Men get sexier as they age

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Films, Manliness
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I turn 34 today. Which I am okay with.

Actually I really like getting older. However there are people in my life that like to point out the grey hairs that are starting to appear in my stubble and my hair. They delight in pointing out my wrinkles, or the grunts I make whenever I get out of a chair.

But what they don’t understand is this. Men…. get sexier… as we get older.

It’s true. Women may have the upper hand throughout school, and throughout their twenties….but the thirties start to even the playing field, the forties the men edge ahead…. and after that…well the game is ours.

As men get older we finally mature, we get wiser and more confident. We reach an age at which we can smoke cigars and not look foolish.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is now at the cinemas and women still flock to see Johnny Depp. He is nearing 50. Aye…. 50. He is sexier now than he was in Edward Scissorhands or in Benny & Joon.

And he is not the only one.

Whilst women seek to look younger, use a wide range of products to keep their skin fresh, and go to plastic surgeons seeking cures to the ravages of age, men should embrace it. (Actually, so should women, as those that age gracefully are beautiful, as Lauren Bacall shows)

If men want plastic surgery it should be to look older. They should be chanting demands for Tommy Lee Jones wrinkles and Steve Buscemi eyes.

We need to look like we have lived. That we have gained wisdom through hardship….that we have suffered.

Don’t believe me?

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  1. Jesse D. says:

    If I ever have the urge to masturbate and don’t want to, I’ll just watch that Steve Buscemi video above.

    But yeah, turning 27 in about a month, and I have personally noticed, the young 20-21 year old girls are usually very shy around me, stare at the ground and smirk when talking to me, or get very nervous and freeze up around me. The older women, like around 30 to 40 +, LOVE my outgoing, strong, and confident let’s kick some ass attitude,Then when I mention I have my own home and I talk about fixing a roof or repairing a large appliance you can tell they enjoy hearing that stuff. Also, when I am at the hardware store I get noticed by a lot of the older lone female patrons. That’s some good shit there.

    So yeah, always considered 27 a good age to start looking at the real prospect of marriage

    (So glad, I didn’t get married young like Assholes keep insisting . I will always consider letting my first girlfriend live with me in my house when I was 21 a huge mistake)

    My advice to younger men concerning settling down, get some shit going for yourself (house, confidence, swag, good habits, speaking skills, etc.) and ALWAYS build upon that. The good women, the ones worth your time, money, and effort, will love a man that has his shit down near solid and doesn’t need them or any woman to make him happy with his life. Lastly, Let the party girls go to all the wanna be thugs. You aren’t missing anything, and don’t feel bad for any of them when they become old and haggard losers. Peace Jesse out!

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